Ideal For

All purpose tape for general construction needs.

Temporary surface protection for metal door thresholds and window frames.

Protection of tubs and other bathroom fixtures.

Grout and mortar mask.

Feature Details

Durable 6 mil thickness.

Clean releasing for easy removal.

Size Sq. Ft.
PSS Site Tape 3 3" x 100' 25
PSS Site Tape 6 6" x 100' 50
PSS Site Tape 12 12" x 100' 100

Medium-Tac Self Adhesive Poly for the Protection of Hard Surfaces as well as General Tape Use

Tough 6 mil tape protects hard surfaces from damage and releases cleanly.

Useful as a general construction tape or to protect bathtubs and fixtures, door thresholds and as a temporary mask for stucco and plaster.


6 mil Heavy-Duty
Adhesive Poly


PSS Site Tape 3: 3” x 100’

PSS Site Tape 6: 6" x 100'

PSS Site Tape 12: 12" x 100'
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